I and anyone claiming on my behalf release and forever discharge Calgary Accueil, its directors, representatives, successors and volunteers (jointly referred to as “Calgary Accueil” herein), in their individual and/or corporate capacities, from causes of action of any nature and kind, known or unknown, which I, my children and accompanying minors under my responsibility may have against Calgary Accueil arising out of or relating to any injury, loss or damage to person and property that may be sustained as a result of participating in any activity organized by Calgary Accueil.

I understand that participation in activities organized by Calgary Accueil involves inherent risks, including risk of physical or psychological injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent paralysis and/or death, and I assume all related risks and voluntarily participate in the activities.

I agree to indemnify Calgary Accueil for any litigation costs and liability claims made by third parties for material damage, bodily injury or death, illness or financial costs that may result from the participation of myself, my children, and accompanying minors in any Calgary Accueil activities.

​This liability waiver does not apply to cases of proven gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Calgary Accueil.

I have carefully read and fully understand all the provisions of this Release and am freely, knowingly and voluntarily entering into it.


COVID-19 Specific Clauses

​I hereby acknowledge that:

  • The Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) is contagious and Alberta Health Services (“AHS”) as well as other provincial and federal health authorities recommend maintaining physical distancing whenever possible.

  • Myself, my children, and accompanying minors are increasing the risk of being exposed to and contaminated by COVID-19 when voluntarily participating in Calgary Accueil activities that involve physical interactions or proximity with other persons.

  • Calgary Accueil cannot guarantee that myself, my children, and accompanying minors will not become contaminated by COVID-19 when participating in Calgary Accueil activities. I understand that the risk of us being exposed to / contaminated by COVID-19 may result of our actions, omissions, or negligence as well as those of other participants, including Calgary Accueil organizing volunteers.

  • When participating in Calgary Accueil activities myself, my children and accompanying minors must follow all procedures established by Calgary Accueil or mandated by provincial authorities to curb or stop the spread of COVID-19 spread. This particularly includes physical distancing, frequent hands washing / disinfecting and wearing of face masks.

I hereby certify that, in the past 14 days, I, my children and accompanying minors:

  • Have not tested positive to COVID-19 nor been declared COVID-19 contagious by local or provincial health authorities.

  • Are not aware of having been in close contact or proximity to persons tested positive to COVID-19 or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Have not exhibited any visible symptom of COVID-19 such as coughing, shortness of breath, fever, shivering, muscular or articular pain, headache, sore throat or unusual loss of smell or taste.

  • Have not travelled in a foreign country.

  • Have been complying as much as reasonably practicable with AHS recommendations to limit our exposure to COVID-19.

Should the situation of myself, my children and accompanying minors change such that one or several of us do not meet all above conditions I commit to cancel the participation of these persons to any Calgary Accueil activity until all above conditions are met again.

✅Merci d'avoir signé la décharge

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